The President’s Public Service Fellowship was established in 1994 to provide expanded opportunities for Yale students to work on behalf of economic development, human development, and neighborhood revitalization with public sector and nonprofit organizations in the City of New Haven.

Since 1994, the Fellowship has grown from 20 Yale students working full-time for eight weeks during the summer to 32 Fellows in the summer of 2015 working for up to eleven weeks at 30 different organizations. The placement possibilities for the summer of 2017 feature exciting new projects.

The President’s Public Service Fellowship has built a strong reputation with organizations in New Haven, and has created a legacy of current Yale students and recent graduates who have a sophisticated view of community development and remain active in community building in New Haven and in other cities.

More than 800 Yale University undergraduate, graduate and professional students have contributed more than 270,000 hours of community service to New Haven nonprofit and public sector agencies as President’s Public Service Fellows since 1994.

Fellowship Selection and Application

In the past, Fellows have been selected from a competitive applicant pool of more than 150 students, and in 2017 the Fellowship offered placements to 29 qualified applicants.

Students not in their final year of study may apply for placements proposed by New Haven agencies. Student applications and additional information can be found on the Undergraduate and Grad/Professional instruction pages.

Length of Placement, Fellowship Requirements and Stipend

For the summer of 2017, placements can be for any consecutive period of eight to eleven weeks between May 30 and August 11, 2017. Yale will pay a taxable stipend directly to students, ranging from $4,400 to $7,800, based on experience, degree pending, and weeks worked.

In addition to their daily work, supervised by the agency, Fellows have a comprehensive mandatory orientation program from May 23 through May 26, must attend weekly dinners beginning May 30 through August 8, and are required to complete mid-term and final reports describing their summer work.

Over the years, Fellows have worked with many diverse agencies with projects spanning the areas of Community Services, Business, and Youth Development. Previous Fellowship sites number over 50 organizations and city departments. A few of those sites have included:

  • Christian Community Action
  • City of New Haven, Chief Administrator’s Office
  • City of New Haven, City Plan Department
  • City of New Haven, Parks and Recreation
  • Connecticut Center for Arts and Technology
  • Eli Whitney Museum
  • Greater New Haven Chamber of Commerce
  • Integrated Refugee & Immigrant Services (IRIS)
  • Junta for Progressive Action
  • Neighborhood Housing Services
  • New Haven Promise
  • New Haven Reads
  • ‘r Kids Family Center
  • Urban Resources Initiative
  • Yale Science Collaborative Hands On Learning and Research (SCHOLAR)